Thursday, December 02, 2010

CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN Day 1: Gloria (Michael W. Smith)

Hey guys, I feel like posting a bunch of Christmas music!  On Wednesday, December 1st, I hastily decided to find a Christmas song on YouTube and post it on Facebook before going to work.  Then I figured I could make this a regular thing.  So I've rounded up 25 Christmas songs "of interest" and I'm gonna post them and talk about them a little.  Sound good?  Okay!  Sound legal?  Partially!  This is all gonna be Rule Of YouTube, folks.

Essentially I guess this is a "list" of Christmas songs.  But don't think it means anything.  There's no theme here.  It's not THE BEST Christmas songs ever.  And it's not necessarily "the most underrated Christmas songs".  No. It's just 25 relatively non-redundant Christmas songs I feel like sharing, and I have a feeling everyone will find at least one thing they haven't heard before, or at least haven't heard in a while.  They're in no particular order other than what I think makes some sort of musical sense.

#1 is not necessarily what I wanted to lead off with, since it's pretty climactic, especially in its original context.  But I think I can work around it.

ARTIST: Michael W. Smith
ALBUM: Christmas
AVAILABILITY: Amazon - regular CD, 2-pack, MP3

As I mentioned earlier, this song is the climax of Michael W. Smith's 1989 Christmas album, which is probably the finest Christmas album ever recorded.  It's effective on its own, but it's even better when you've followed the whole orchestral suite, with the "Gloria" motif introduced in the first track and then paying off here, while also being combined with "Angels We Have Heard On High".  And even though you can probably guess that it came out in the '80s, it really doesn't sound that dated.

At the risk of "spoilers", this isn't this album's last appearance on the list.

Stay tuned for Day 2, which will be a few minutes from now!  And then Day 3, tomorrow.

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