Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Future Endeavors of Michael Tarver

Sometimes in life, we do things we can't completely explain.  This is one of those times/things.  I present to you my comic miniseries, The Future Endeavors of Michael Tarver.  It's one in-joke from WWE/NXT (you know, Professional Wrestling) that somehow inspired me to draw again after barely drawing anything for well over a year.  I think it's of interest.  To whom, well, that's a question, isn't it?

Click the images for larger Tarver. (also available on DeviantArt -- see sidebar link)


mhz said...

This is the first webcomic that made legitimately laugh in a while. Kudos sir.

PublickOccurencez said...

You stole this from you prick.

Sir Lemming said...

My apologies, I didn't realize owns the rights to every poorly-drawn webcomic about pro wrestling, including the ones in my head. I will pay them all the revenue I have made off this comic to date.