Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Audioslave: Revelations - The Definitive Review (also available in HD)

Audioslave is the result of Rage Against The Machine losing their vocalist and joining up with Chris Cornell, the lead singer of such bands as "Soundgarden" and "Chris Cornell".  They were originally called "Civilian", then they split up and got back together about 50 times and wrote about 500 songs, and some other stuff happened and then they released the album "Audioslave" in 2002.  Many criticized the album for sounding like "Rage Against The Garden" or "Sound Against the Machine" or "SoundMachine" or "Rage Soundgarden The Cornell" or "RaSoge Agoundainst ThGare Machdenine".  3 years later, they released an album that didn't seem like it took 3 years to make.  1 year later they released this, because they wanted to be like Led Zeppelin.

This album is heavier than the last one, because it goes back to its roots, but it's also a whole new and more cohesive sound.  Did you know they had never toured together before making the first album?  Wow!  This is the album they always wanted to make.  It's like Led Zeppelin meets Earth, Wind, and Fire.  (For like half of one song.)

01. Revelations
It starts with the kind of acoustic/picked guitar thing you'd hear on 
Out Of Exile.  I like this song, but I don't like how Chris Cornell sounds like he's eating a lemon when he pronounces "Revelashiiiiiiiians".

02. One And The Same
Is it "And" or "In"?  Make up your minds.  This is a fast and funky song with wakkachika guitars.  Chris assumes a little too much in this song; since when are blood and rain one in the same?  Or one and the same?  AAGH make up your minds

03. Sound of a Gun
This is another one of those Rage Against Sounds of The Garden Machine songs, sort of.  The bridge of this song was heard in "Drown Me Slowly" on the previous album.  Whoa, time travel.  Actually, I guess they just wrote them at the same time.  Deceitful varmints.  This song would be better if every time Chris Cornell said "sound of a gun" you heard a gunshot sound.  I guess you could just listen to it in Harlem and get the same effect.

04. Until We Fall
In this song, Chris Cornell reveals two things:
1) he's black, and
2) he's tired of it.
Talk about Revelations!

05. Original Fire
This song is good, except pretty much everyone's in agreement that the guitar solo sounds like Donald Duck yelling profanities and is completely out of place.

06. Broken City
This song is about Cornell's frustration with Legos.

07. Somedays
Despite the grammatically incorrect title, this is a really cool song.  Unless you're allergic to people saying "Some days" more than two times in one chorus.

08. Shape of Things to Come
I sat through this whole song waiting to find out what the shape of things to come is, and I never did.  It starts off sounding like "Out of Exile", therefore I declare the whole song unoriginal.  How did you think you could get away with that, you hypocrites?

09. Jewel of the Summertime
If you play this song in the Wintertime, the RATM guys will come to your house naked wearing tape over their mouths, so be careful.

10. Wide Awake

11. Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye

This song is about Chris Cornell being a dog.  The annoying thing about this song is that it fades out right when Tom Morello starts playing the Batman theme.  Maybe they were worried about lawsuits.

12. Moth
This song is about Chris Cornell being a moth.

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